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Quiet Crew™

quiet, emissions free
maintenance of your landscape

Quiet Crew™ is our award winning electric maintenance division. Using solar powered equipment our professional staff provides a full suite of landscape maintenance services. Quiet Crew™ clients can expect the same high standards and exceptional results they’ve been accustomed to from our use of traditional power equipment.

Green Business Award

For over 25 years TJ Collins Landscaping has been at the forefront of the movement to sustainable practices in landscaping. Our project to develop a sustainable business model for landscape crews utilizing quiet, emissions free equipment began in 2014. With many successes and failures along the way the solar trailer was designed and built and by 2017 Quiet Crew was born.

When our Quiet Crew showed up in neighborhoods of Newton, Needham, and Brookline not only did people take notice but we were mentioned in some local news articles reporting on the controversy surrounding the Newton leaf blower restrictions. 

Our efforts in reducing noise and emissions also got the attention of the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce , which awarded TJ Collins Landscaping a Green Business Award in 2018.

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